The way we carry ourselves is the way we carry Islam to the people.

I turn on the TV and I’m amazed the type of characters they have explaining my religion to the masses. No wonder the world is confused about Islam.

We started posting these blogs up on June 13th and we are now at 70,000+ views. Alhamdulillah.

This week’s episode is about how some parents love their culture so much that even if it conflict with Islam, they will continue to practice it.

How can we complain about the situation of the Muslims if we love the parts of our culture that conflict with Islam more than we love Allah (swt)?

We can’t.

Ramadan Muslims & the not-so-halal-meat-market at Eid.

We can’t afford to be part time Muslims.

Sometimes concentrating on the Salat (prayer) isn’t easy. You assume that Shaitan is going to distract you but it becomes even harder to focus when the person praying next to you is distracting you.

It amazes me how some Muslims act one way at the Masjid and then act totally different when you see them at school or at work..

Muslim while flying. If you thought “black while driving” was bad…imagine being Muslim while flying.

If you want to learn about what Islam really is, don’t study the Muslims… study Islam.

Its amazing how much we spend for weddings. Here is a video that many of us can relate to. This is the 3rd video in the series so make sure you checkout the others on

Thanks for the comments on the first two videos. If I know there is an audience watching, then it motivates me to continue the series so please post your comments. 

I was thinking about making a video blog discussing the many topics that Muslims can relate to. I haven’t found Muslim blogs on the net that are doing it so I said… I figured to try out this experiment InshAllah. The series of video blogs will be about issues that we may often think about but not necessarily talk about.

Funny things you see at Jummah (Friday Prayer)

Here are some tips for the Khatibs to make Jummah (Friday Prayer) go more smoothly.

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